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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bandung Getaway

Tangkupan Perahu, Bandung, 15 Nov 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mecca Experience


No words can describe how I am very thankful to Allah, as He let me breath in this world again today. Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar.

I bet I have a few months of no post from me. Well, I'm kinda busy and sometimes so lazy to update my blog. My life is not so smooth, there had obstacles in all of my journey. But, it doesn't means that I approved all obstacle happen around me. I don't want to let anythings that happen let me down. Therefore, I will strive to live my life to the fullest.

Here's some quick updates from me.

In May,  I got  a chances to got Mecca for performing Umrah. 8 days in Mecca and 4 days in Madinah, it such a wonderful moments in my life. Though I don't bring my camera along, but in my minds, there's always a picture of Kaabah and I am very proud that I've been given an opportunity that not all people can get. To be as HIS guest, and been able to perform Umrah bout 3 times, no words can described my feeling at that times.

Some people said that, the weather there is hot compared to Malaysia. I had to agree that the weather there, when Subuh time , 4 o'clock in the morning, the temperature there is 42 degree Celsius. If in Malaysia, we will having a extremely hot weather but not in Mecca. You don't feel that hot. U still feel the morning breeze though the temperature is 42 degree Celsius. the weather there is  same as Malaysia, but at Mecca you has to drink a lot of water cause the weather there are very dry. Hot and dry. therefore, a lot of water consumed and you dont need to buy any water there, just drink air zam-zam. Islam holy water. Subhanallah. It's free and awesome.

One day I  dont feel very well, after perform last step of Umrah, which you have to "tahallul'; means cutting your hair after Sai'e. Then I feel like to rest at my hotel. On my journey back, there's an Azan for Zuhur Prayer. I was like walking immediately to not get stuck in the crowd of people who are coming to Masjidilharam for Zuhur prayer.  One thing that I amazed, all the shop there is closed when they heared  an Azan. The people who work at the stall nearby, wll bring out their sajadah and perform prayer Jamaah with the others people ouutside their shop. It's kinda amazed me. There's no way you can see it here, I means Malaysia. Even some of Malay Islam people whho not perform their prayers. (sometime myself also has a skipped).

And aftter I had my umrah, we go to Madinah and pray at Masjid Nabawi. The weather there is much more cooler and nice. You can feel very soothed with the environment. We have a nice hotels and much more nicer than at Mecca.  But, it doeest matter, we dnt really spend time in hotel room though. I get chances to perform prayer at "Raudhah" places. It's a place where Heaven garden (Raudhah) took places.

Alhamdulillah. I've got those chances to pray there (Raudhah), to do'a in front of Kaabah. It's just an awesome experience. I want to go there one more times. Sooner is better. I want to stay there for a long time, I find  peace there. Maybe with my future husband. Insya Allah.

I think enough for today, I just finish my 2nd paper. Supply Chain Management. My mind just want to get explode. Got another 1 paper on Sunday and then I'll be free...huhu.. Wish me luck then..

Bye2 and take care dear friends.. (^_^)

7th Dec 2012
Mutiara Perdana Apartment, Pulau Pinang

Halimah AbdHalim

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ku ukir indah namamu- 7 pelangi

though we ar not together now, i know deep in your heart, my place is irreplaceable. Same goes to you.

I just hope you will find a girl that suits you more, a girl that can make you happy, a girl that can give you encouragement, a girl that can help you in good or bad situation, a girl who can cherish every minutes with you without complaining and a girl that can smile to you evertime, everyday. 

and I'm not that girl anymore.

Please be happy, you are so-called my life, but from today onward, you are not.

Last song for you.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Master master

Salam ramadhan semua...

It's been 8 days since we start fasting. Alhamdulilah. Allah masih beri aku kesempatan untuk bernafas di bumi Nya.  also means I'm living in Penang quite sometimes. Hmm.. about 1 year? huhu.. setahun berjauhan dari family and aku rasa woww.. it's been a year already

working alone here, making new friend, going on vacation a lot, going to Umrah a few month ago and all of it is my recent activities. The latest one, is im going to further my study in  MBA at Wawasan Open University. 2 and half years. Maybe I'll finish it when my age 27?? huhu... hope I can finish it on time.. huhu..

Hmm.. my feelings?

quite nervous, dont know is it a good things or not. I have a big dream, I am ambitious, I am greed, I want to become somene important in organization, i want t be a well known people. Though I dont know if this can keep up my spirit but indeed I just want to give it a try. There are some peoples sid that MBA is just bullshitting, but for me, whatever that I do, I'll try to do my very best.

Why MBA?
Hmm.. MBA is called Master of businees administration. i know it just call bussiness admin, if you want to become an entrepreneur, ths is not a good solution. Entrepreneur is no use to take MBA. Yes I do agree on that, i learned it because I want to know how to admin people. If one day I got company to take over, atleast I have some knowledge in managing people. managing people is not an easy task. As my work also dealing th people, I have some people working below me, this MBA is very helpful. I also need to know how is organisation is run, then is my company I'm working is good in managing people or not, then atleast i can have some of idea. Also as I stated before, I am ambitious person. I'm wishing that one day, i can manage my family business atleast. I want my dad  company to become big and bigger. I want to give ore opportunity for people like me to work. I want my father just sit in home doing nothing and let me take a control. That's atleast I can do for him. huhu

So today will be my first class, and I am nervous. Girls and boys, please pray for my succcess k?? (^_^)

P/S: I already deactivated my fb account. Just dont know until when. Maybe I just can interact with my friend here..Maybe.. i f I sanat rajin untuk update something.. hehehe...

Ok till then... xoxo

Friday, January 6, 2012